Changing the Overall Perspective of Organic Chemistry: A Paradigm Shift

The Most Common Reaction to Organic Chemistry

I can’t tell you how many times I have mentioned what I do and all I hear is “Ugh…Organic chemistry.” This is typically followed up by some story about OChem that includes words like difficult, terrible, nauseous, traumatic, etc.Sound familiar?

And some of the words contain 4-letters. I am pretty sure you can figure them out.

I have found that many, if not most, have bought into the myth that organic chemistry is difficult because someone’s sister’s half cousin’s stylist’s brother-in-law said it was.What?!

This has not been my experience at all. And I know what you are thinking. It is not because I have spent many hours studying the material. I have chosen to see it differently.

My Introduction to Organic Chemistry

I remember walking into my first semester of organic chemistry and loving it. I enjoyed ever part of it. However, the next semester was different.

I walked into organic II and saw the professor who was notorious for failing students. Immediately, I walked out and switched professors.I wondered – Is it necessary to fail students? Does organic chemistry really need be that hard? Is there a better way to teach OChem?

Just to let you know, I did just fine with a new professor.

A Different Way of Looking at Organic Chemistry

I realized that in order to change the perspective of organic chemistry, I would need to look at it completely different. I would have to stop looking at it as “organic chemistry.”So, I asked…“What would organic chemistry look like if I knew nothing about it?”

I simply saw lines and letters. And a few arrows and dots.It was here that “organic chemistry” became something else.

Seeing the patterns in organic chemistry

Organic chemistry, like most things, has a pattern – from the layout of textbooks to the way it is taught across the world.

Every image, reaction scheme and mechanism has a pattern. And these patterns can be broken down to dramatically simplify “the most feared undergraduate class.”

Let me show you what I mean…

Organic chemistry is simply a set a tools. These tools are things you see each and every day; lines, letters, dots and arrows.

Your textbook is your instruction manual. It shows you how to use these tools to “do” organic chemistry.That is it!

Is this different than anything else in your life?


Simplifying Organic Chemistry to Simplify Your Life

 I have spent many years studying and researching these ideas. I have tested this new approach and the results are wonderful.

What is great about these patterns is that they act like a template. They adapt to any class material you are learning. And they adapt to any teaching style.Organic chemistry is not different from any other class you are taking. So – treat it that way.


I feel that the whole idea of OCHEM is essentially still the same – difficult and hard to pass. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Therefore, I have simplified organic chemistry in order to change your experience.

See organic chemistry, not as a barrier, but as another stepping stone that is leading you closer to your dreams!

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