Change how you see and learn Organic Chemistry – Part 2

Learning ORGANIC CHEMISTRY – Simplified!

Let’s jump right in and see how to use this simplified series with an organic reaction:

1To start, look at what is above and below the reaction arrow:

2We notice that there is one thing above and one thing below; therefore, we only need to focus on what is above the arrow. When we look closer, we’ll notice that the first element is sodium (Na). Since this is a metal atom, whatever is attached to it is negatively charged.


Every organic reaction has a nucleophile and an electrophile; therefore, the -CN group attached to the metal will be our nucleophile.


This means our electrophile is on the left hand side of the arrow. Specifically, we want to focus on the carbon-halogen bond. There is a difference in the charges of the atoms due to the electronegativity values.


Since electrophiles are positively charged, the carbon atom is our electrophile.


Now, I will leave it up to you to finish, and name, the reaction.


Until next time, have a good one!

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